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We Accept All Car Insurance

Auto Repair In Lewisville, TX:

We work with all insurance providers and it is important that you understand your rights when it comes time to deal with them. Magic Touch Paint and Body in Lewisville, TX are intimately aware of your rights and can work with any insurance provider to get your claims filed properly. We really are a full service collision center: from repairs, to dealing with insurance and even setting up a rental car when needed, we will work to make your entire experience as smooth as possible. Magic Touch Paint and Body will be your advocate and negotiator with your insurance company and we are full of information, so please ask us questions!

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Important Facts When Seeking Collision Repair

You have the right to choose where you go for your automotive repairs

Your insurance company will likely suggest a list of preferred facilities and use wording that can sometimes intimidate you into choosing a DRP. A DRP is a Direct Referral Program involving auto body shops that have agreements with insurance companies that can appear like discounts, but are not guaranteed. We are not a DRP, our allegiance lies with our customers, not the insurance companies. Magic Touch Paint and Body will represent your interest and concerns when dealing with your insurance company and will even go so far as to talk to them, with you.

When filing a claim, your insurance company may send an adjuster to look at your vehicle. They may ask you to go to a claim center for inspection or request that you get several estimates from body shops to submit to them, which you do not have to do. You can choose your shop of choice and let your insurance company know when the car will be there for inspection. Some people prefer to visit several body shops to get a feel for the customer service and receive multiple estimates. Whether or not we’re one of them, be sure to bring a pad and pen and ask lots of questions. Do not accept repair work that is unnecessary or overpriced.

You can find more information on getting your car repaired on the Texas Department of Insurance website here you can find information such as what to do at the accident scene, when you get home after the accident, filing a claim etc.

Advice On Choosing An Auto Repair Shop

Read reviews online as this will help you feel comfortable with the body shop you choose. When you receive your initial estimate, it may appear to be small. That is okay, don’t panic, it is common practice to write the first estimate light just to get the paperwork filed and started. There is a supplementation process that takes place as further damage is discovered during the break down process.

You also have the right to choose the parts used for your repairs

You ultimately make the final decision on your repair parts, even though the policy with your insurance company may state that it will pay for “like kind and quality of those damaged”. This means that you may have to pay extra out of pocket for new Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. We’ll work with you and your insurance company to provide the best solution and the most cost effective rates possible.

Always Get The Rental Car Insurance

At Magic Touch Paint and Body in Lewisville, TX we are happy to help set up a rental car for you, if you do not have alternative transportation while your car is in for repair. They will pick you up at our facility, and we are a drop off point upon your return.

If you have a vehicle in need of restoration, detailing or auto body repairs, we’re here to help! Contact us at 866-358-0777 today!

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